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APR Porches

We have designed and built many porches over our years in business. Adding a porch is a great way to increase energy efficiency, provide you with extra space and security as well as enhancing the overall appearance of your home. Talk to us about your design ideas for your perfect porch to fit with the age and style of your property.

Benefits of adding a Porch

Added Security: One of the resounding benefits of adding a porch must be added security. Having the additional door system of a porch is proven to deter would-be intruders and with toughened glass, leading quality door furniture, this additionally provides you with the highest level of security a porch provides.

Warmth: A porch creates a chamber effect when your close the internal door before opening the external, preventing the warm air from escaping and vice versa, increasing the energy efficiency of you home.

Extra-space: A porch is a great way to add additional space for you home for storing for any multitude of things: shoes, boots, wellies, coats umbrellas, the choice is yours.

Property enhancement: A porch doesn’t just have to be functional, it can significantly enhance the look of your property and be designed to fit the age and style of you home. In addition to creating a bespoke design for you, we brickwork match so your porch blends perfectly into the existing structure of your property.

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